Current Position:

November 2014  –   Present              Machakos University

Employed by the Council, Machakos University

Assistant Lecturer.

Department  of Accounting Banking and Finance.

Teaching Business Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial

Derivatives, Financial Ethics, Management of Financial

Institutions, Financial Statement Analysis and other units in


January 2013 – October 2014           Employed by the Council, Machakos University College

Previous Employment:

September 1989 – December 2012:  Machakos Technical Training Institute

Employed by Teachers Service Commission

Technical teacher and later promoted to lecturer and then to

Senior Lecturer  – teaching Financial Accounting, Principles

and Practice of Management, Communication and Report

                                                           Writing, Secretarial Duties.

September 1984 – July 1986:            Muthingiini High School

                                                           Employed by Board of Governors

Untrained teacher – teaching Mathematics, Biology and


Post Graduate Studies:

May 2014 –                                      Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Business    Administration



September 2010 – December 2013: University of Nairobi

                                                           Master of Business Administration: Specialized in Finance.


Undergraduate Studies

August 1999 – October 2003:           Kenyatta University

                                                           Bachelor of Education (Arts); Business Studies and


Second Class Honours (Lower Division)


September 1986 – August 1989:       Kenya Technical Teachers College

                                                           Diploma in Business Education; Accounting and Commerce



February 1982 – November 1983:     Kaaga Girls High School.

                                                            Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education.

Attained principals  in Mathematics and Biology and

Subsidiary passes in Chemistry and General Paper.


February 1978 – November 1981:      Makueni Girls Secondary School.

                                                            Kenya Certificate of Education.

Attained Division 1

January 1971 – November 1977:        Komboyoo Primary School

                                                             Certificate of Primary Education

Attained 30 points.


Leadership & Organizing                Machakos Technical Training Institute


June 1990 – February 1994:               Assistant Head of Library Department.

Coordinating the offering of Library Services to the                                                                         institute community.


January – 1991-May 2017:                 C U Patron.

Facilitating the enrolment of C U members, selection of                                                                   office bearers and all C U activities in the                                                                                         institution/University. Helping students to come up with a                                                               constitution/guidelines. Organizing C U outreach activities,                                                             identifying term/semester activities and communicating the                                                                         same to the Dean of students. Preparing end of                                                                                 term/semester activities undertaken and communicating the                                                             same to the Dean of students. Ensuring annual renewal of                                                                         membership.


February 19994 – August 2000:         Head of Library Department.

Coordinating the offering of Library services to the institute                                                            community. Overseeing the opening and operation of the                                                                 Library during weekdays and weekends.


January 1995 – August  2000:            Member of Guidance and Counsellieng Committee.                                                                                     Helping needy students to re-orrient themselves in order to                                                              benefit from being in MTTI and derive maximum benefit                                                                from  learning activities in the institute.


August 2000 – February 2004:          Head of Accounting and Secretarial Department.

Coordinating of training programmes within the                                                                               department, implementation and supervision of teaching/                                                                 learning activities and ensuring the availability of training                                                               materials, equipment and facilities and preparation od                                                                      departmental reports.  Reporting to the Deputy Principal.


October 2009 – December 2012:       Member of Curriculum Review Committee.

Identifying review sub-committees, Constituting subject                                                                  panels, Reviewing one curriculum at a time and sending                                                                  draft to KIE.



Training and Seminars:                   Within Machakos TTI

15th – 19th April 2002:                         Basic Counseling Skills 1

Amani Counseling  Centre and the Training  Institute.

12th – 16th August 2002:                      Basic Counseling Skills 11

Amani Counseling Centre and the Training Institute .

28th April – 2nd May 2003:                  Green Hills Hotel, Nyeri.

Total Quality Management: Foundations of total Quality                                                                  Management, Customer Supply Chain, The Quality                                                                         improvement Process, Tools and Techniques of Total                                                                      Quality management, Strategic Planning Process,                                                                             Implementation Strategy.


Research Experience and Publications

June 2013 – October 2013:               Effects of Microfinance services on the growth of SMES in                                                              Machakos County. (MBA project  UoN, Not yet published)


November 2013 – April 2014:           Mwewa N. M. (2014). Effects of Micro-credit, Micro-                                                                      savings and Training on the growth of Small and Medium                                                               Enterprises in Machakos County – Kenya. Research                                                                         Journal of Finance and Accounting. Vol. 5 No, 7, 2014


Areas of Interest:                                Business Finance, SME Finance, Corporate Finance,                                                                        International Finance, Financial Management, Financial                                                                  Statements Analysis, Derivatives Market and Financial                                                                    Ethics.